Why I LOVE My Van

With February being the month of love, we asked our customers to tell us why they LOVE their accessible vehicles. Below are some of  our favorite submissions:

“I love my van because it allows me the freedom of traveling to any destination of my choosing. I love my van because of it is easy to operate. Most of all, I love my van because it allows me FREEDOM, a word that may have a different meaning to all of us.”- Servando Villarreal

“I am like a teenager with his first license. I have my independence again.” – Bruce Shaw

“It gives me INDEPENDENCE. I can do my own errands, my own shopping for food, clothes and eating out”-Faye Perkins

“I love our van because it gives my son the opportunity to go more and lessens my risk of another back injury.”- Shalonda Turner.

“It gives my husband and I the opportunity to get out and see his friends at church.” – Linda Smith

“Since the purchase of our Toyota Rampvan in December 2009, my husband became independent while I continued to work. We had an extra 3-wheel scooter that we keep in the van at all times. He was able to take himself to the doctor and shop on his own.

After retiring in 2012, I use the van to transport him to his doctor’s appointments, the store and senior meetings. In addition, I am able to use the van to get some of my yard equipment fixed that I used to try and load in my pickup truck. I avoid any accidents that way. It is easier to use the van and the equipment is out of the weather. It also allows me to actually push the shopping carts from the stores into the van to unload groceries. If the weather is bad, you don’t have to stand outside to unload nor do you have to carry all those bags a long way. I also have room in the van to pick up other senior citizens that have scooters and/or wheelchairs. and transport them to activities my husband and I enjoy. So I am able to share this van to help others. I am able to use the van to take my husband’s power scooters in for repair.

Lastly, when I had to have surgery, I personally was able to have my husband drive me in for surgery and take me home in the van where I was able to use the power scooter already in the van to ride to my bed. I have to say that after looking at all the choices I could have made, my discussions with Geoffrey Smith made me think about possible future needs. I thank him for that and  can tell you that this van has been more than a life saver. It is the best investment we have ever made.”- Mary Ann and Raymond Mauk

Thank you all for your submissions!

We LOVE being able to help you gain back your FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

We especially LOVE that you LOVE your accessible vehicles


Posted on February 6, 2014 by Katie Larson