Don’t Buy Before You Try: The Trouble with Buying Wheelchair Vans Online

Online shopping has changed the way we buy products in every industry. It can be quicker, more convenient, and sometimes it’s even cheaper. But not every purchase is best made virtually.

For example, the last time you bought a car, you probably went to a dealership or met the seller in real life. Though your research for a new vehicle may have started online, you probably don’t want to spend thousands on a car without looking it over in person.

A Craigslist seller or dealership may not describe the vehicle completely accurately, intentionally or not. And you probably want to test drive it and look under the hood to make sure your potential new car is as great as it seems in the description.

1. Adaptive Driving Access Offers Live, Customized Demonstrations

No matter your needs, the mobility specialists at Adaptive Driving Access can help you find the right accessible vehicle for you. We will show you how to use every single feature on your potential new wheelchair van. When it comes to wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts, driving aids like handbrakes, hand controls, or foot controls, you have so many different options that are customized to your specific mobility needs. 

While some online car sellers may have these options available for sale, they won’t be able to give you a personal demonstration of how to use them in your new wheelchair van. They also won’t be able to ensure that your chosen wheelchair van will be a good fit to your wheelchair and your lifestyle.

Buy a wheelchair van from Adaptive Driving Access

2. We Will Bring the Wheelchair Van to You

If you can’t come into our dealership yourself, where available, we’ll come to you. Our mobility specialists will speak with you one-on-one to find the right accessible vehicle that we recommend for you and then bring it to your home. There, we’ll show you the ins and outs of the wheelchair van and answer all questions you may have, no matter how many!

One of the biggest draws of online car shopping is the promise of door-to-door, white glove delivery. But what happens when that car shows up and you don’t like it after all? Back it goes to the dealership and the process has to start all over.

Instead, when you buy from Adaptive Driving Access, you’re getting the benefits of a brick-and-mortar wheelchair accessible van dealership with the convenience of home delivery. Your buying experience has never been easier!

3. We Offer Trade-Ins

Some online car-buying companies don’t deal in trade-ins, making that MSRP a little harder to swallow.

If you already have a vehicle and are looking for your next wheelchair van, we’re happy to give you an appraisal for trade-in value to help you get the best market price for your new wheelchair van. 

Once we do an in-person inspection and test drive, Adaptive Driving Access will give you an appraisal for your wheelchair van’s market value.

Sell Your Wheelchair Van to Adaptive Driving Access

4. You Can Actually Test Drive our Wheelchair Vans

You wouldn’t buy a house you’ve never seen in person, would you? Why buy a vehicle you haven’t test driven? Unlike some online sellers, Adaptive Driving Access expects that our customers will want to test drive their potential new wheelchair vans before you buy, and we’re happy to offer that service.

If you can’t make it into one of our dealerships, we’ll schedule a test drive at your home.

5. Our Mobility Specialists Know our Products Inside and Out

We know that each of our customers has unique needs and want different things in their wheelchair vans. That’s why we make sure that our mobility specialists are expertly trained in all the aspects of wheelchair accessible vans as well as mobility products. When you talk to an Adaptive Driving Access specialist online or on the phone, you’re talking to a real person—no robots here! When you’re reduced to buying vehicles online, you’re at the hands of a robot to answer your questions about their inventory. We work hard every day to help you get the best accessible vehicle for your individual needs. 

6. Our Mobility Specialists Can You Help Find Additional Funding Resource

Need additional funding? Our mobility specialists can help you with that! Your sales person will work with you to find the right accessible vehicle to fit within your budget. We keep track of which organizations offer resources and funding to individuals with special needs, including financial assistance for wheelchair vans. Additionally, our finance department can tell you about rebate programs and funding options to help you afford the wheelchair van you need and deserve.

The wheelchair van buying process can seem intimidating, we know. But buying cars online isn’t your only option when you’re too overwhelmed to go a dealership. Instead, contact one of our mobility specialists today to learn more about buying a wheelchair accessible van from Adaptive Driving Access. We’ll explain the entire wheelchair van buying process and show you why Adaptive Driving Access is where you need to go to get the right wheelchair accessible vehicle for you.