TRAN Ron Sparks Award

Congratulations, Brent Key!

The award was presented by TRAN (Texas RehabACTion Network). TRAN is one of the largest non-profit organizations of its kind. They are dedicated to advocating for and promoting the public Vocational Rehabilitation program in Texas.

Ron Sparks started the TRAN Subchapter of Corpus Christi about 8 years ago. Being in a wheelchair inspired him to help the local disabled community. Ron has paved the way for younger generations to help locals realize the importance of recognizing what people with disabilities are really capable of.

Brent is not only a valuable member of ADA. He goes above and beyond to reach out to people with disabilities and the organizations that support them. Congratulations once again! Thank you for all you do and for inspiring others.

Posted on December 6, 2013 by Katie Larson