ADA Hosts an In-service for the Pasadena Firefighters

Earlier this week, Adaptive Driving Access hosted 19 firefighters for an in-service at our Pasadena location. Our mobility specialist Jason Roberts educated the group on emergency procedures with a van, how to disconnect wheelchair securement systems, engaging/disengaging mobility aids, demonstrated back-up ramp systems on our vehicles, and discussed how to communicate effectively with different disabilities. At ADA, we believe that our customer’s safety is our highest priority. With that being said, we realize the importance of educating as many firefighters/rescue stations about our safety van procedures in case of an emergency with a disabled individual. We want our customers to feel at ease on the road with their ADA vans/adaptive equipment. The more we can educate our community about our company, the safer it will be for customers to ride around and be independent. Thank you again for stopping by our store to learn about our industry and to better assist the disabled community!

Posted on June 22, 2016 by Katie Larson