New Year, New Wheelchair Accessible Van

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to upgrade your current wheelchair accessible vehicle. You have 365 days of routine errands and adventures with family and friends to plan for, not to mention the unexpected trips. You need to trust that your vehicle will get you through them all.

There’s no time like the present to take stock of what you’ll need your vehicle for in 2017. From space to accessibility and comfort to safety, there are many features to consider when you’re thinking about a new car to help you maneuver through the New Year.

Check out this list of features you don’t want to overlook in your next wheelchair accessible vehicle. An Adaptive Driving Access Mobility Specialist is ready to help you go over all of the options and features of our best in class wheelchair accessible vehicles.


  • Headroom: Are you or your passengers tall? If so, you’ll appreciate additional space. Instead of bumping your head as you wheel into the vehicle, glide in with ease and without injuring yourself.
  •  Power Ramp: Gone are the days of having to manually extend and retract the ramp on your vehicle. With a push of a button, your ramp will open and spread out, and once you’re inside and ready to go, it will pull back in.
  •  Removable Seating: Choose from a variety of seating configurations to ensure your needs are met. With removable seating, wheelchair users can get behind the wheel or even ride up front as a passenger.
  • Rear Cargo Area: Do you need more space? Ample storage room is available on side-entry vehicles.
  •  Auto Kneel: Make boarding your vehicle easier! Designed to lower the suspension when the door opens, this technology reduces the slope of the ramp for a safer roll up or down.
  • Keyless Remote: Control your mobility system with the push of a button. This added feature conveniently open sand closes your sliding door and extends and retracts your wheelchair ramp.

Not quite time for an upgrade?

Consider a tune-up. Whether your car is a year old or decades old, you need to periodically take your care to a shop to be cleaned, tuned and reviewed from top to bottom to ensure everything is working properly to avoid accidents. Adaptive Driving Access offers a service department with experienced and qualified technicians. We’ll ensure your vehicle is ready to go and in top condition to get you through 2017.


Posted on January 18, 2017 by Katie Larson