What a great day it was in Houston this week. Adaptive Driving Access was thrilled to take part in the Chariots for Children Program through Houston Children’s Charity.

It was a wonderful group effort that resulted in gifting six Houston-area families, with children with disabilities, their very own wheelchair accessible van. Having accessible transportation can be life changing. Taking your child to doctor appointments shouldn’t be a challenge, but for families with children with disabilities, it can be that and much more; it can actually be life-threatening. Thankfully, there are organizations like Houston Children’s Charity to step in and help.

The event, hosted by organization president and CEO Laura Ward, was held at Willie G's seafood restaurant in west Houston. Each wheelchair accessible van was sponsored by several area businesses and organizations.

Since the program started, more than 223 vehicles have been given to 95 agencies and 132 individual families.

The Chariots for Children program is dedicated to providing safe and efficient transportation to families of disabled, wheelchair-bound children through handicapped accessible vans. Since 1996, Houston Children’s Charity has awarded over 180 vehicles to 94 agencies and 111 individual families and counting. 

We'd like to thank Houston Children’s Charity for all they do for our community and for these very deserving families.