Donna’s Story- Inspiration and Perseverance After Survival

Kii News in Corpus Christi recently aired Donna Lowery’s story. Being one of ADA’s customers in Corpus, we all knew her as a woman with a magnetic positive attitude. We had no idea, however, how her incredible story of survival made her who she is today…

Donna Lowery, 57,  recently retired from her career in law enforcement. Suddenly, she was attacked by an unknown infection that put her in a coma for three weeks. As doctors tried to figure out what was affecting Donna, her conditioned continued to worsen.

Her husband Bill had to make two extremely difficult decisions. The first was whether to allow the doctors to aggressively continue treating Donna or to let her go. It was simply not her time, he decided. Then the most difficult decision of all. Since medications had caused gangrene to set in, Bill had to make the impossible choice to allow doctors to amputate Donna’s hands and feet.

Miraculously, Donna woke up from her coma. She described her reaction:

“I had lifted my arm and saw there was no arm there. I then looked at the other arm, and at my husband and said ‘where are my arms?’ He said ‘Babe, I have something to show you’, and he pulled the covers off the back end of the bed. And I’m wiggling my toes and then, I look down and, ‘where are my feet?’”

Thanks to her therapy treatments and the loving support of her husband, Donna has been able to bounce back and share her story. She now brushes her teeth, combs her hair, and does her makeup. She has made it her priority to inspire and be an example of life moving forward. She visits hospitals, cancer centers and talks to amputees.  She plans to help wounded warriors and persons whose traumatic experiences have left them injured in more than just physical ways.

Donna’s positive attitude and determination were always evident to her husband Bill. Before he even knew that Donna would survive, he was right in telling their son:

“You know your mom. She is going to bounce back”

To view Donna’s full story visit: HERE


Posted on February 26, 2014 by Katie Larson