New Infographic Defines Disability in America

We came across this recent story from Braun’s AbilityBlog that we

wanted to share with all of our ADA-Blog readers.

Pictures speak louder than words and numbers talk – put those two adages together, and you have an infographic, the nifty little visual representations of data that you see online and in newspapers from time to time.

You’re probably familiar with these illustrative chart hybrids from time-to-time. They’re perfect for giving an at-a-glance look at a trend or particular topic. We’d never seen an infographic on disabilities, so BraunAbility decided to create one.

You can find our infographic at this link: Disability in America. What you’ll see is a closer look at who exactly the Americans with physical disabilities are – their age, their education, etc. As you’ll see, employment is a significant challenge for individuals with disabilities – only 20% of wheelchair and walker users are employed. On the flip side, we’ve improved transportation to get to work. In 1995 only 62% of buses were equipped with ramps compared to 98% in 2007.

The description “individuals with disabilities” is used so often in the general media and our industry…BraunAbility and Adaptive Driving Access want to make sure all of Texas knows who this phrase represents. You can find the complete infographic at this link: Disability in America.

Posted on December 16, 2011 by Katie Larson