Best Place to Get Your Ramp Van

Adaptive Driving Access is so lucky to have amazing customers! Here is a great article written by one of our customers, Kim Hanks.

Best Place to Get Your Ramp Van – Adaptive Driving Access
By Kim Hanks

If you need an accessible vehicle, I suggest you connect with Adaptive Driving Access.  They provide a valuable  service to our community by helping families get the transportation they  need.  My first experience with this group was 5 years ago when we moved my  daughter out of a foldable stroller into a non-foldable wheelchair.  The  crew at ADA walked us through all the options and recommended a solution that  was a bit out of the norm, and would not make much profit for them, but was the  best solution for our family.  This is one group that is not only about the  money, but instead about finding the right fit, for the best price.  Over  the years, we have heard similar experiences from other families as well.

Buying a new vehicle or having one modified can be a stressful and expensive  experience, but the team at ADA makes the process much less difficult and more  fun.  When buying or modifying a vehicle, there are numerous programs and  agencies in place that will help out finically with at least part of the  expense.  Figuring out which ones are relevant to your family’s situation  and how to apply can be an overwhelming task.  The team at ADA knows  exactly which programs to contact, what forms to fill out and how to get it  done.  They are masters at getting as much of the expense covered as  possible, and very patient with helping you get your part completed.

They have an inventory of vehicles already converted to choose from, or they  can help find what you need and bring it to their showroom, so if you don’t see  what you are looking for just ask them.

For more information about them or to see what they have to offer check out their website.


Posted on April 19, 2012 by Katie Larson