Benefits of an In-Service

Do you work in a service industry for people with disabilities? If you do, you probably like to stay educated on the different products and resources that are out there for your patients/consumers/customers.

An in-service or on-site demonstration is a wonderful way for health professionals, therapists, case workers and non-profits to stay informed. Adaptive Driving Access offers in-services upon request. Whether you come to one of our locations or we come to you, we make our demoes both educational and fun. Our goal is for our community to be aware of the different vehicle modifications that are available for the different types of physical disabilities.

During an in-service, your staff will learn about:

  • Different vehicle adaptations available
  • Driver rehabilitation programs
  • Local funding sources available for adaptations
  • How patients/consumers/customers can benefit from vehicle adaptations

Interested in scheduling an in-service? E-mail our marketing representative at

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Katie Larson