ADA provides bicycle to MS-150 Team

They start at a local Houston Area High School and begin their 180 mile, two day cycling journey to Austin in honor of fighting MS. Who are these courageous and determined people? They are members of Team-Believe and their mission is to create a world free of MS. The BP MS-150 is a cycling ride from Houston to Austin, Texas and Team-Believe is one of many teams that participate annually supporting this mission. How and why was Team-Believe started you ask? In 2004, founding member Stephen Johnson was diagnosed with MS. “It started one day at work with numbness in my right arm and right leg.  I chalked it up to stress and continued working for a few months.  One day it went away.  A few months later it started back with a vengeance.  At this point it is May 2003 and I finally decided to go to the doctor.” Unlike most that are diagnosed with MS, Stephen did not have this disease run in his family, so he had never considered he could have it. “Six years ago, I started a team (Team-Believe) for the MS 150 made up of 30 friends and family members.  Today we have over 70 riding on the team.”

Last year, Johnson and lifelong friend, Steven Derrick decided to borrow a tandem bike from a member of the team so that they could both cross the finish line together. The bike was not a good fit for the two of them, so it was a tough ride! We have been sponsoring this team since their beginning and wanted to make sure Stephen had his own tandem bicycle to make it through the ride. So, our owner, Tom Poole, made it happen by donating a brand Tandemania Milano Dirty TI-Med bike. “We were blessed to have Tommy buy us a new custom Tandem bike that had all of the bells and whistles and even supported our team logo.” With the help of the bike, they crossed the finish line last weekend and both admitted the performance of the bike was amazing! “The bicycle made a world of difference and even stood up to a near death experience, when a rider made an immediate stop in front of us on a hill. The bike handled like a formula one race car.”

With 12,000 cyclists in 2010, the BP MS 150 raised more than 16 million dollars for multiple sclerosis and $131 million since the first ride in 1985! Organizations and dedicated people like this give Stephen Johnson hope for a world without MS! Steven Derrick believes, “With the new tandem bicycle I plan to do many more MS 150 rides with Stephen and will be there to do whatever it takes to find a cure!”

Posted on May 2, 2011 by Katie Larson