A Farewell

For those who have never met me, I sit in a cozy office at the Houston location of Adaptive Driving Access. If you can’t find me in my office, I am on the streets of Houston spreading the word that we are here to help with your mobility needs. I am the Marketing and Events Coordinator here at ADA and joined the family in March 2010. I am responsible for all of our marketing, shows, and the newsletter you receive in your inbox as well as the postcards you receive in the mail. I also update our website, Facebook and Twitter page, along with much, much more!

Over a year ago, I did not know there were ways to adapt a vehicle so that a person in a wheelchair could drive or get in and out of a vehicle easier. I had not even heard of the term “hand controls or lowered-floor minivan.” The sad thing is that I was not the only one. Coming into this job made me realize how few people really know of these products before they need them. And now that is my job… to make everyone aware that these products exist, whether you need them now or not. As the Marketing and Events Coordinator I have learned a lot about this unique industry and myself. The customers that come through our doors are some of most amazing people I have ever met. Everyone is willing to share their story on what road took them to where they are today. It’s a great feeling to sit in an office and constantly have customers stopping by to say hello.

What I have learned most from this position is that there isn’t anything in life that is not achievable. Before working here, I took advantage of driving a vehicle and never really thought about what it might be like to never be able to drive. Giving someone the freedom of mobility is indescribable and I get to witness it every day one our sales staffs hands the keys to a new customer!

Over the past year, I have had an amazing time at the many events ADA sponsors and participates in. I have been able to be a part of several ALS walks, which are wonderful. I also participated in a 5k supporting wounded veterans at the Impact a Hero Weekend, which is actually coming up again June 4th! Not to mention countless shows and fundraisers.

So you might be curious on why I am writing this. Well, there are times in life where opportunities present themselves and cannot be turned down. Unfortunately, it has come that time for me and I must leave ADA. With that being said, ADA will always hold a place in my heart and even though I will not be an official employee of the company, I will still be spreading the word, like I started to do over a year ago!  You must know, you will always be in good hands, just like I was.


Posted on May 19, 2011 by Katie Larson