Transit Works

Adaptive Driving Access carries a selection of well-designed vans by TransitWorks®, the exclusive builder of MobilityWorks® commercial vehicles for more than a decade. Whether you are looking for a minivan or a full-size wheelchair accessible vehicle, TransitWorks® has what you need. We are also able to make any necessary adjustments and alterations to accommodate your specific requirements. All TransitWorks® vehicles have undergone extensive certification testing and fully comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and OEM standards.

Ford Transit Connect

Build on a Ford body, the new and improved Transit Connect van was the Winner of the 2014 International Van of the Year award. This rear-entry van offers more room, better fuel economy and more seating capacity than the previous model. The latest model holds six passengers, including a single wheelchair, meaning the three-passenger second row can now stay in place when moving a wheelchair. This van is ideal for nursing homes, group homes and other commercial uses.

Ford Transit

The full-size Ford Transit van offers more than 1,000 seating options thanks to their unique SmartFloor flooring system. The modular SmartFloor system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the van’s seating layout as needed to accommodate up to 15 people including the driver. Lightweight seats with wheeled bases can be moved to a new location without lifting, minimizing the chance for injury. The van also holds up to four wheelchairs simultaneously and has retractable wheelchair tie-downs with storage bags. The Ford Transit is available with side or rear wheelchair lifts and the option to add bus doors to the van.

  • Seats up to 15 people
  • Seats up to four wheelchairs simultaneously
  • Option to add bus doors to the van
  • Side or rear wheelchair lift
  • Retractable wheelchair tie-downs with storage bag